Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Official Soundtrack streaming worldwide on all major music services

Sweden, January 10, 2019 — ACE MADDOX through its licensing relationship with PAXINOMA aka Imperial North Music Agency, proudly presents the Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Official Soundtrack. Available now, the FTSOC OST includes the 14-track original musical score from the popular air-combat action game.

Composers Magnus Ringblom and Simone Cicconi have created a daredevil musical experience for Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China’s varied air-combat action gameplay and exotic atmosphere. As players storm through the skies of South-East Asia, the soundtrack fuses ethnic and cinematic instrumentation with electronic influences that capture the mood of the 1940s’ China-Burma-India Theatre of World War 2.


Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China OST tracklisting:

  1. Hope is Victory (Main Theme)
  2. For the Republic (Companion Main Theme)
  3. Welcome to Burma
  4. Brave Volunteer
  5. First Combat
  6. Bandit On Your Six
  7. Fire in the Sky
  8. With the Sun Behind Us
  9. Tigers in the Gorge
  10. Enemy Spotted
  11. Aces High
  12. Supremacy (Multiplayer Lobby)
  13. Chennault’s Sharks (Mission Accomplished)
  14. Red Sun Rising (Mission Failed)


Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China (FTSOC) is an air-combat action game based on the historical events of America’s volunteer squadrons that defended Southeast Asia in the China-Burma-India (CBI) Theatre of World War 2 (aka the Second Sino-Japanese War). Secretly recruited under President Roosevelt’s administration before the US entered WW2 following the Attack on Pearl Harbor, the “Flying Tigers” were officially known as the 1st American Volunteer Group (AVG) and consisted of three pursuit squadrons with only 99 P-40 fighters. Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China is rated M for Mature by the ESRB (Violence, Blood, Strong Language), PEGI 16 in Europe, MA15+ (Strong coarse language) in Australia, and CERO B (12+) in Japan.

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PAXINOMA alias Imperial North Music Agency is an A&R sync agency, digital record label and “for artists” visual design mill head-quartered in Sweden. PAXINOMA specializes in soundtracks, epic/orchestral, ambient, synthwave, country, pagan, industrial, metal, and rock. PAXINOMA represents select songwriters and composers in consideration of scores and syncs for games, animation, television, motion picture, and streaming entertainment. For more info, visit

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