Play some rock-music, support troops, make an impact and help us meet our fundraising goal! We’ve teamed up with Operation Supply Drop and INOMA for the musical release of Norman Wayne’s Country/Rock EP “THESE GUNS”

I’ve you heard the country-rock song that is played in FTSOC’s credits roll and wanted some more information, it’s called “THESE GUNS”, was written specifically for the game and is performed by sync-act and singer-songwriter Norman Wayne, produced in collaboration with Imperial North Music Agency.

It’s out now on most music services, including Spotify and Apple Music and Bandcamp, and the EP release also includes two great remixes, premiering a new type of sound via the “countrywave” remix, plus an EDM-version that we’ve kindly been told belongs in the “Melbourne Bounce” style. The must-see lyrics video below features authentic WW2 footage that shows the Flying Tigers in Burma, amongst other 1940s clips.

Listen on Spotify:
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Short story long; we’ve teamed up with Imperial North Music Agency (an A&R sync agency and digital record label that connects select musical talent with the games industry et al) and the great people at Operation Supply Drop (a leading military charity that supports active duty troops and veterans with games and entertainment to “make fun where there is none”) for the release of Norman Wayne’s country-rock EP “THESE GUNS” on major music services including Apple Music, Bandcamp, Deezer, and Spotify.

In addition to the original country-rock version of “THESE GUNS”, the EP release premieres the first ever “countrywave” remix by Adam Skog (aka Irving Force), plus a “Melbourne Bounce” 128 BPM EDM-remix presented by Operation Supply Drop & 8-Bit Salute.

So, with all that out of the way — please visit our 8-Bit Salute military fundraiser and consider making a donation. That way you’ll support active-duty troops, servicemen and women, their families, and veterans:

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