THAMMER 1.1 Update Goes Live on Steam

As many of you have noticed already, we’ve recently updated Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China (FTSOC) to version “THAMMER 1.1”. The new patch includes not only new Steam-achievements, but also multiple gameplay enhancements and fixes across subtitles, rendering and audio. We appreciate your continued support, and please continue send any bug reports to or hit us up on Twitter @AirCombatAction.

  • Gameplay: Added HARD difficulty level. Re-tweaked the CASUAL and NORMAL modes.
  • Gameplay: Added five new Steam-achievements (for challenges).
  • Multiplayer: Added “shortcuts” to MULTIPLAYER screen for (hopefully) quicker joins.
  • GUI: Updated the TrazerTime on-screen effect so it looks slightly more spiffy.

  • GUI: Updated gamepad/controller graphics to represent the Xbox One controller, replacing the old Xbox 360 iconography.
  • Audio: Updated select voice-over performances (English).
  • Audio: Check out the SETTINGS/AUDIO. New sound system divides engine sounds, machine gun fire, explosions and ancillary sound effects in separate streams for better volume control.
  • Localization: Made various subtitle corrections across the game (for all languages).
  • Misc: Fixed an issue where inverting Y-axis setting would not be saved.
  • Misc: Fixed numerous (minor) graphical issues.

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